In The Sun (Original Mix)

In The Sun

Fabrik Records FBK0020411 28 August 2016

  • In The Sun (Original Mix)

    Klara Sims, Robbie, Terry Smith


  • In The Sun (Vocal Mix)



  • King Of The Stage (Original Mix)



The final song is the only one I didn’t feel much of a connection to, though the beat is groovy and the mood is incredibly warm. One thing that makes me pleased with the position of “Hear Me” on the EP is that the title is repeated in an echo as the song ends.

M. Black also told Mobo that “[a]fter spending some time in the background supporting others, it was important for me to put my own messages through music”. I’d say that all artists want to be heard in one way or another, so it was quite apt that the final words were “hear me”.